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The Credit Rating Codes for Countries, Companies and Organizations

The credit rating of countries, companies and organizations are determined currently and as accurately as possible by rating-index.com. The result consists of two parts, the category and a value between 0 and 99, which allows the classification within the categorie. The value 99 corresponds to the highest and 0 to the lowest credit rating within a category..

Credit rating category
HighestAAA 99- AAA 0
 AA 99- AA 0
 A 99- A 0
 BBB 99- BBB 0
 BB 99- BB 0
 B 99- B 0
 CCC 99- CCC0
 CC 99- CC 0
 C 99- C 0
 DDD 99- DDD 0
 DD 99- DD 0
LowestD 99- D - ∞

The credit rating is open at the bottom. This means that countries, companies or organizations with a lower credit rating than D 0 are represented with D and a value with a negative sign. The smaller the value, the lower the credit rating.

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