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Credit Rating of Countries

In efficient markets with rationally acting market participants, the price of a commodity is the result of all the information available to the participants, and is thus the best-possible estimate of the intrinsic value of the commodity. The credit ratings calculated on this basis thus represent the best possible result and show the market participants’ prognosis of the probability of a payment default by governments and companies.

Credit rating of countries: world and regions map , map archive

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The credit rating is diplayed delayed by 14 days. Access the current credit rating.

Credit rating of countries with changes in the last 365 days

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365 days change:climbing countries

1BolivienBBB 871552016-07-12
2VenezuelaD -3101392016-07-12
3IslandA 861252016-07-12
4GuatemalaBBB 641152016-07-12
5RusslandBBB 49862016-07-12
6ChileAA 99642016-07-12
7SlowenienA 39492016-07-12
8BelgienAAA 28472016-07-12
9NorwegenAAA 60422016-07-12
10SchweizAAA 53352016-07-12

365 days change: loosing countries

1BarbadosD -2754242016-07-12
2PortugalCC 603142016-07-12
3MarokkoCC 52632016-07-12
4El SalvadorCCC 401962016-07-12
5NamibiaB 961672016-07-12
6NigeriaCC 771572016-07-12
7BrasilienBB 491562016-07-12
8SenegalCC 591502016-07-12
9BahrainB 581472016-07-12
10LibanonCCC 411262016-07-12

365 days change: climbing companies

1SSE PLCAA 6615607-08
2Bristol-MyersAA 3414507-08
3Linde Finance B.V.AAA 814107-08
4Prudential PLCAA 4814107-08
5France TélécomAA 2710607-08
6Southern Gas Networks PLCAA 139107-08
7Export-Import Bank of IndBBB 997007-08
8Guardian Royal Exchange PA 496807-08
9AB Svensk ExportkreditAAA 86607-08
10Svenska HandelsbankenA 945907-08

365 days change: loosing companies

1BHW BausparkasseB 4440307-08
2Réseau Ferré de FranceBB 2730307-08
3AlcoaB 322807-08
4Bremer LB Kreditanstalt OB 9422207-08
5CEZ ASBB 6321607-08
6Macy's Inc.BB 2421507-08
7TeliaSonera ABBB 7921207-08
8UniCredit BankBB 3919007-08
9Hamburger SparkasseBBB 618807-08
10Bayerische LandesbankBBB 417507-08